Ladli is located in the poor desert city of Jaipur, India. For most of our children their alternative is begging, child labour, or even prostitution, but at Ladli they learn to make jewellery and handicrafts - valuable skills in Jaipur. The children are also taught Hindi, English, Art and Dance, and provided nutrition, medical check-ups and counselling. Most importantly of all they gain confidence, hope and self-esteem. We believe that in addition to providing children education and employability, Ladli is a place where emotional trauma and the stresses of poverty can in some way be healed.

Children enjoy Ladli. They are taught in small groups and can choose what and when they want to learn. As well as studying, the children play games and exercise. The environment is fun, safe and relaxed. The first centre was opened for girls in August 2005; a centre for boys opened in February 2006. Currently, approximately 100 children, aged 10-18, attend Ladli, but we desperately want to help more.
Ladli is a project of I-India, a local non-profit, non-governmental organisation whose donors have included Unicef, World Bank, Finland and the Government of India. I-India provides homes, street schools, vocational training and a crisis help line to the most needy street children of Jaipur. It was established in 1993 and helps over 3000 children daily.

About half the children who attend Ladli live in one of I-India’s homes, most of these also attend a regular school. The others live on the street with their families but usually do not go to school. In the harsh reality of these children’s lives the choice is not between school and Ladli, but between Ladli and begging or exploitation. All Ladli children receive payment regardless of their ability. The children living in our homes have money paid into bank accounts that have been opened in their names; the children living on the street are paid cash, this helps their poor families and encourages their parents to allow their children to come to Ladli, rather than work.

Jaipur is a city with a tradition of excellence in jewellery and handicraft making. The centre’s children possess remarkable aptitude and as part of their training they produce high-quality products. These items are offered for sale, the proceeds of which go entirely to the children and toward funding the project. Jaipur receives many tourists and foreign business people. By advertising in local hotels we have attracted hundreds of such visitors to the project. Their response has been overwhelmingly positive and their generous orders, purchases and donations cover about 50% of total operating costs. The other 50% is financed by a small group of foreign individuals. The revenues from sales thus enable the project to help more children than it could otherwise afford to.

Tens of thousands of street children in Jaipur are engaged in child labour and receive no education. Ladli gives some of these children what they really need, but we must reach more. To do so all we need is a little help.

Ladli is a vocational training program for street children living in jaipur india. The program intends to provide Vocational Training, Education & Emotional support to Children in special need. Jewellery making, Handicraft making & other specialized trainings initiated for poor children, they get daily one time meal, attend non-formal education, drawing lessons & Indian Classical dance classes.

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